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Evolve was started in 2011 by Blake Robinson who’d spent the better part of a decade stuck between the corporate fitness bottom line and quality training. He was tired of the greedy resolution rush were gyms cashed in on clients good intentions and troubled by bromidic uneducated trainers who bred injury and lackluster results. He wanted fitness that wasn’t swayed by fads, franchises and fakes who build their fame on pseudo science and flashy tactics. He wanted something better for both trainer and client so he engineered a solution, EVOLVE.

Theory 59 by Evolve Fitness is a fitness program designed to establish momentum for long term fitness success. It bridges the gap between where you are and where you can be. Our focused action plan shapes success through training, nutrition and accountability. Theory 59 is your pledge to do hard things and a commitment to your best self.

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Evolve is a purpose based gym and that means we deliver measurable progress to help you reach your goals. Ally connects you with the same trainers that motivate you on the mats and amplifies your fitness experience by adding accountability and support. Download the ALLY app below.

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One size fits all as a nutritional coaching approach fails most, which is why Theory59 handles nutrition differently than most programs. This simple questionnaire will help us understand where your nutritional fluency lies and how we can accelerate your results.  The most important part of any trip is knowing where you are starting from so as you complete this questionnaire respond with your current habits, behaviors and beliefs, now where you'd like to be or where you think you ought to be. 

Upon completion you will be taken to the next step in your nutrition education to learn what the most effective and essential first steps should be based on your current nutrition know-how.

Meal plans are updated monthly on the last Friday of the month. Please make sure you update your sats at least once a month before 9AM on the last Friday of the month. You can find your meal plan in the ALLY app stored in your RESOURCES.