Baseline is a 2 week prerequisite introductory program to our core classes. It’s primary purpose is to assess your physical ability, flexibility and/or health limitations. Improve your mobility and increase your performance. During these introductory sessions we’ll establish;

  • Our unified client/club expectations and accountability

  • Gather data and set measurable success milestones

  • Brief new Evolvers on our tech and tools.

  • Forge an understanding of our core movements and useful safety guidelines

  • Answer questions, boost confidence, abate any concerns and solidify your commitment

  • Provide recommendations for a safe and smooth transition into the group classes.


A sophisticated and effective means of variable cross-training meant to amplify performance in a wide variety of activities. Catalyst increases your general physical preparedness and serves as the basis for all programming and progression moving forward. Through the proper selection and manipulation of work intensity (load, intensity, volume, and frequency of training) a high level of total athletic fitness can be achieved. Attendance to 3+ 45 minute session per week is the standard of attendance for every Evolve member.


The limits of human capacity are not simply physical and at their upper limits turn more mental. One of the hardest skills to acquire is the ability to push past the physical discomfort and develop mental fortitude and grit. Catalyst BLACK is where established members train to test limits, push past the physical and develop their mental fortitude. Sessions vary in length because the work must be completed but are typically 60 minutes and attendance to a quarterly SUMMONS is required before attending BLACK sessions.


Range of motion and mobility don’t matter until they do and then they become vital. Rehab is one part mobility, one part stretching and one part mindfulness and provides our members with lasting results while protecting their joints and preventing injuries. Evolve has an established track record of injury-free training because of the emphasis place on whole body coaching and not limiting our experience to strength, endurance, speed and power but also suppleness and ease of movement.



We teach ladies and gentlemen how to achieve a greater level of strength, quickly, safely and without interrupting their career, commission or competition. Tempered employs kettlebells and body weight training that is scientifically and empirically based in labs and proven in the lives of our members, military and athletes. The kettlebells is not new, it is an established implement that demands total body tension, mental clarity and joint mobility. You’ll find regular people developing abnormal strength and focus through our tempered training sessions.


Some see it as just a bar but during this training session it may represent your whole world. Your strengths, your weaknesses and your progress all hinge upon your mastery of the base barbell movements. Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench press are the ruler by which all lifters are measured and where absolute strength is developed. These sessions are 45 minutes long, utilize barbells as well as other implements and accessory movements to improve your maximal strength and also develop your skills to begin dynamic lifting. Mettle sessions will make you a stronger person, not only in your barbell lifts, but in all your other lifts and endeavors as well.



Recovering from injury is as much mental as it is physical and Evolve has combined with Craft Physical Therapy to create Utah’s only Medically Oriented Gym (MOG for short) to ease your transition from rehab to full recovery. Working in tandem with Evolve’s movement technicians and under the oversight of Brad Milam DPT clients work to get back to full strength and confidence in the gym. Coaching sessions are monitored by our in house Physical Therapist and executed by our experienced staff so clients are efficiently guided back to full confidence and ready to get back on track towards their fitness goals.