October Evolve Membership Updates

Dear Evolve Family,

As you may or may not know, we are going on 8 years and 2 months of being open in November. 

As you most likely have seen, we have grown a tremendous amount over this period of time. A letter with black & white words can never communicate how deeply grateful I am to you for being a part of this journey. You have honored us with your membership, trust and health, and I want to honor you with transparency and with a significant improvement to the level of service you have been receiving. We want to transform lives, not just say we are. 

To live up to this, I wanted to make you aware of the effort we put into this on a continual basis, and what is coming down the pipeline that the coaching staff and I are incredibly excited about. A few of the continual improvements are as follows:


Hiring & Retaining the Best Coaches: We strive to hire trainers who are sharp, have tremendous work ethic and a warm heart. We strive to replace the traditional model of fitness--watching the clock, counting reps, lack of enthusiasm, lack of knowledge or personalization--with a friendly face that knows your name, world class coaching, and motivation to not only get you in the door, but to keep you coming back while seeing major improvements week after week.

Continued Education: The best coaches in the industry are the best because they invest in their education. We have had to train our coaches so that you can receive the absolute best service in the region and get the results you are after, even faster. 

New Support & App: As we continue to learn new training systems and methodologies the investment in up to date equipment continues.  Over the last several weeks we have launched the Ally App as an extension of Evolve and our commitment to comprehensive coaching. We want you to know that the incredible coaching and services you receive are not simply limited to the physical facility.  Ally goes beyond any other coaching platform and allow us to help you create new healthy habits, provides you a new meal plan each month and gives you a direct line of communication to the staff so you get answers quickly.


Improvements in the facility: We’re a lot like the millenium falcon: we ain’t pretty, but we’ll get you there--fast. But we know that not having cucumber scented towels and marble bathrooms (joking), more like, more barbells, dumbbells, better equipment, treadmills, lockers and showers would improve your experience here. So it is our goal to be able to dramatically improve this facility to improve your training experience and have a gym whose quality matches the caliber of its members.

Member Events: To further build this community and connect you all with one another, we are planning on having an event schedule so you have something social to look forward to (don’t worry, you can cheat your diet every once in a while). This is so you all can get to know one another like we know you, which I feel is one of the greatest benefits of owning this gym, and my great sadness that you all don’t know how cool one another are. 

Speciality Programs: We will also be rolling out specialty programs to those members who would like more attention and individualized coaching to address specific needs on an even faster rate of progress than is possible in a large group setting. As your Allies we have over 31 years of combined experience and will be putting that to use with specialty classes like Barbell, Kettlebell, Yoga, Rehab, Teen specific and more in the immediate future (first sessions will launch in November)

A MASSIVE improvement to the level of service: This is the one we are the most excited about, it’s also the one I am most petrified of announcing. We are planning on changing the programming from a “come whenever you can” to “you now have an an appointment with a trainer each per week.” This is with the full intention of making the class sizes smaller so that we can provide you even better service, so you get to know your coaches, your numbers and accelerate your progress

Candidly we are NOT A GYM, we want to be a facility that prides itself in transformations (both internally and externally). And we have noticed that making sessions “whenever you want” has become “never” for some people. And this does not sit well with me.  I have seen that with the growth of Evolve and our staff we need to begin offering varied class types and types to meet the needs of you, our varied members.  

We will now be offering 2 different memberships for The Evolve Training Club:

  • The Evolve Training Club Membership

  • The Evolve Training Club BLACK Membership

I’ve attached a document detailing out the differences between the membership levels and encourage you to read through it to fully understand the levels but simply put, we now offer a membership for $45/week that allows for 3 training sessions per week , which will now be known as The Evolve Training Club and a membership for $55/week that is unlimited and includes all the additional nutrition coaching we have been implementing for the last couple of months, additional support and full Ally App Access, which will now bye know as The Evolve Training Club BLACK.

We have noticed that members get results in the beginning, then the results tend to slow down as novelty wears off. You keep working out, which is great, but I want you to transform with continual progress. I want you to thrive outside of these 4 walls and build a body with greater capacity and never be limited by your physical health. 

As such, we will continue implementing the accountability component of Evolve with the Ally App as part of the membership changes. You will be checked in ahead of time for your session and if for some reason you miss your session, we will hound you and make you feel terrible about it (joking). But we really do want you to be here and treat it like an appointment with yourself. 

Now, all of these continued investments and upgrades in the level of service we can provide you require significant funds to become reality. 

And to continue to stay aligned with our mission to provide a remarkable experience for our clients, we will be implementing a change in billing structure. We will be switching to weekly billing, if you have prepaid any amount for your membership, the changes will not take place until your prepaid period has been completed.  If you have earned credits towards your membership, the credit will be applied to the new pricing structure based on which membership you select.  The effective date of these changes will be on OCTOBER 15TH, 2019.  If you have questions or need clarification about the numbers/dates/times/memberships I am available to speak with you in person most afternoons and evenings, I’m also happy to make time in the morning to speak with anyone who can not make an evening time.

I have spent my entire adult life investing in myself to become a great coach and into Evolve to make it the greatest facility available. However, something I have not been very good at is being a good business owner and understanding the financial realities of running a small business. 

That being said, I, like you, am working daily to grow and improve. And just like we recommend to everyone at our facility, I have recently invested in business coaches and top consultants to review our business, know our “numbers”, and improve the product we are putting out to you. 

Now that they have forced us to look at the numbers, calculator in hand, it is simply impossible for us to grow and provide the level of service and facility you deserve without this change. 

For those of you concerned about the pricing changes, I want you to know we are simultaneously launching a refer-a-friend program where you get a full month of service for every friend you refer who signs up as a client. So, refer 12 friends over the next year and get an entire year absolutely free as our way of saying thank you for helping us transform more lives.

I’ll be announcing this in video format in the facebook group as well. 

Now - let’s be super real. Human beings HATE change. But we also on some level understand that change is a part of growth. What I do NOT want under any circumstances is for a gossip mill to be started. So - any questions you have related to the change I am happy to address IN PERSON.

Not via text…Not via fb messenger...Not via Instagram DM...not via email...Not on a facebook thread (God help us all)...and we will point you in that direction if that is lost in this letter somehow. 

We want to talk IN PERSON - that way, there is 0% chance of miscommunication. 

I hope I have your support in allowing us to continue to serve you in the best way we know how. 

Respectfully yours, 


Founder Evolve Fitness

P.S. I love you all, seriously and do not hesitate to reach out directly.

Tigan Robinson